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Introducing myself

I was exploring LJ a little and found this group. I'm no theologian, but I am a fat Christian (Episcopalian) living in Madison, Wisconsin. I'm the music leader for our church's service in Spanish; I'm a gringa still learning Spanish. Life takes you to places you might never have expected.... I'm a fat activist whenever I'm able to be. I have pretty bad seasonal affective disorder, so sometimes I get overwhelmed and crawl in my hole until the sun comes out. I just wanted to say that this looks like a really interesting group and I'm really glad you're here.
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do you have any experiences or thoughts you want to share about fatness and episcopalianism? i think you might be our first episcopalian, but i might be wrong (folks should feel free to chime in and correct me).

whee, getting new members!
In the past I have felt that my fatness in the context of church was not a welcome subject of conversation, a taboo almost. I posted about a fat-positive event in the church newsletter and got zero response. Nothing. Nada. Zip. But at least I had put it out there. And no one said anything negative about it. But it didn't feel good, and I didn't feel any support at all.

I tried to encourage my priest, when talking about marginalized groups, to include fat people (or people of size) at least occasionally. Never happened. Invisibile. Not a good feeling.

Now my feelings about church and my body are also all tied up with being a charter member of the Latino community, and although fatphobia definitely exists within this community, it is often more subdued or muted, and there's also an affection for "gorditas," an openness that doesn't exist in the wider culture.

When I express needs that are directly related to my size--e.g., I need to be sure I sit in what of the sturdier chairs--I feel nothing but support and understanding. My size isn't an issue, but it's also not taboo. It just is what it is. I like that.