GiniLiz (giniliz) wrote in fat_theology,

god talk in the fatosphere

There seems to be an unusual amount of God-talk going on around the fat blogs these days.

The F-Word "You May Now Love Yourself"

"But faith-based diets are especially heinous because they play upon and exploit the very real religious and spiritual beliefs of people. If you can’t lose the weight, is it because you lack faith? If you can’t sustain the weight loss, does it mean you are sinful and blasphemous? Really, there have even been reports of people developing eating disorders after participating in some faith-based diets because they fear weight gain - an inescapable inevitability for 95 percent of all dieters - will keep them somehow from going to heaven."

Ad Imaginem Dei "Body by God"
"The forces of evil are real, and powerful. We are far too easily separated from God. But we don’t have to make it easy. We don’t have to trivialize the reality of temptation by making the dinner table (or the take-out window) the battle-ground. We don’t need to open the door wide for the tempter to find a way in. It has been so from the beginning."
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