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interesting post from Beauty Tips for Ministers

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I don't have anything particularly worthy to say, except that I actually am quite fearful that someday someone will make a comment about my "professional appearance" that is clearly weight-based. Maybe I'll think of something useful to say later...

I realize this is a derail, but I am kind of wigged out by the site in general... I guess I just think that "basic professionality" for clergy is VERY basic, and maybe it's because I'm a granola-eating umbrella-toting Seattlite, but I don't get it. Why do pastors need a separate site for "beauty tips"? What is specifically Christian about "looking good" and really, how does this actually glorify God? And is there any analysis on this site of how "professional" often means white and upper class?

I was pretty annoyed by this:

And then you walked into the Woman’s Alliance meeting the next week looking and feeling so much more like a community leader in a pair of taupe heels and a really wonderful bright blue suit with great flared trousers and you suddenly understood that you weren’t a kid anymore, and that you didn’t need to look scruffy to ally yourself with ‘the least of these.’”

Actually, I work with homeless and recovering people two days a week, and while I don't look scruffy on those days, I don't look like a high-powered business woman either. If I showed up in heels and a suit, it would definitely affect my ability to be perceived as relatable; more than that, it would be putting my privilege on display. Well, the fact that I HAVE clean clothes already puts my privilege on display, so wearing a suit and heels would be rubbing it in. And no one would want to talk to me! Oh, they'd indulge me, but possibility for real relationship would be iffy. I know this, because of how the people there talk about the people who feel the need to "dress up" around homeless people. Again, I'm not showing up in jeans with holes and dirty shirts. But slacks or nice jeans, with a sweater or button-up shirt is about as dressy as I'm willing to get. (Not to mention that I'm sure a hell not walking 2-5 miles on Seattle's concrete sidewalks with heels).

And on a final note, speaking of professionality and how we present ourselves... "peacebang"? really? I mean, really? Because that makes me think of a hippy orgy. And I'm not sure what else it's supposed to mean...?
I feel kind of bad about my negative reaction--I think I was in a particularly snippy mood. Especially tired of all the pressure to be pretty all the time... when I really have no desire to make myself pretty. It doesn't make me happy, you know? I don't get joy out of it. So yeah. I think I jumped the gun. Especially because I recently met some folks who read her blog all the time and absolutely love it, and whose church she recently preached at and they said her message was beautiful and inspiring.

I'd really love to hear what your thoughts were on this article if you have the time to post :)